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The Soho Lighting Company – Cruise Lighting / Cruise ship switches and sockets

Cruise Lighting / Cruise ship switches and sockets

The Soho Lighting Company – Cruise Lighting / Cruise ship switches and sockets

Soho Lighting Company’s superb Cruise Ship Switches and Sockets, Cruise Lighting for Cruise Ships

Obsession from exasperation! Years’ of interior design/ building renovation projects throughout the UK revealed to us that ‘beautiful, quality lighting and accessories are in short supply’ generally when something is in short supply, it’s expensive. Our passion is to design beautiful Cruise lighting and accessories to create inspiring spaces at a sensible cost. As members of the LIA rest assured our products meet the most rigorous standards. Our interior design/Cruise Lighting experts bring beautiful lighting that helps create inspiring spaces, alongside our unique range of Cruise Ship Switches and Sockets.

Designer Cruise Lighting

Our lights are designed and built to the highest specifications, bringing you the perfect finish to any project. We have designed and built these lights to offer the client the finish they dream of, complimenting areas of all requirements. We can assist with the Cruise Lighting scheme design and provide you peace of mind that you will have everything you need to fulfil your project to the highest standards. We encourage collaboration on these projects and sample units are provided to ensure colour match is right for you.

Architectural and Interior design

This is an area we know well and have strong relationships in. Having been specified on many jobs by Architects and Interior designers, for some of the biggest names, we understand the process. Bringing peace of mind on quality, price, customer services, helping you reduce the workload of sourcing and allowing your mind to flourish with your dreams and inspiration. We can meet with you to discuss your requirements or hold online meetings to save you time and make the process smoother for you. We can supply to countries outside of the UK and have carried out projects for countries all over the world. Whatever you need, from Switches for Cruise Ships, Cruise Ship Sockets or Cruise Lighting, we can provide.

Energy saving

The future is where we have our sight, but always understanding the designs of the past. LED is now a large part of today’s society, and understandably with the savings our LED products bring. A greener footprint, a lower energy bill while still supplying products that support any well-designed project. We create our switches and sockets for Cruise Ships around the idea of energy saving.  We also engage to see where we can improve our products for different environments and have developed relationships over the past 12 months that we will still have in years to come.

Ambiance creation

Our Cruise Ship Sockets and Switches give you all this functionality with well-designed smooth edges and high-quality luxury finish. If you are looking for the complete package, then look no further. With all sockets for Cruise Ships available as double pole, including standard and fast charge options. Switches that offer 2 way as standard, dimmers that are trailing edge as standard, we have the elements that will probably last for a lifetime. Our Cruise Lighting is perfect for ambiance creation.

Bespoke and Unique

Many of our decorative light offerings are bespoke and unique hand painted in the colours that complement the areas they light up. Elegant Socket and Switch finishes that people have seen in Cruise Ships, then found out where they were purchased and contacted us for purchase. This is how we do things, and the highest form of accolade for your Cruise Ship and the partnership we want with our partners. Another reason we have worked on projects with some of the biggest names in the industry. We also welcome collaboration, with those who wish to push boundaries on what’s achievable in this sector. We want to be your first choice and with understanding, combined with effortless quality, selection and delivering what the end user requires, is some way towards a seamless journey. We aim to be the number 1 supplier for Cruise Lighting and Cruise Ship switches and sockets.

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