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Sonic Chair – Cruise Ship Seating Furniture

cruise ship seating furniture

Cruise Ship Seating Furniture

Have you ever sat inside headphones?

The sonic chair is seating furniture and high-end sound system in one. It allows undisturbed listening without disturbing its surroundings, like an acoustic island.

Regardless of your location, you always sit in the sound centre (sweet spot). Whether music, speech or other sounds – the integrated loudspeakers are finely tuned to the ear and thus create a unique sound experience. The sound can even be felt via two additional structure-borne sound transducers.

Manufacture – Made in Germany

Since 2006, sonic chairs have been produced in Cologne with a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each chair is handcrafted to order and equipped according to the customer’s wishes.

The heart of the armchair, a ring-shaped resonating body, is glued together from several layers of wood. It forms the foundation for a balanced sound.

For the upholstery we use the finest semi-aniline leather, hard-wearing artificial leather or highly durable microfibre in numerous colours.

The central round base with its robust swivel mechanism and internal cable routing as well as the other visible metal parts are made of satin-finished stainless steel and anodised aluminium. For the First Class Edition, these are polished by hand and refined with chrome or Dazini in an elaborate process.

Longevity and sustainability are top priorities when it comes to construction and choice of materials. It is therefore also suitable for a robust everyday life in public areas.


The design of the sonic chair is timeless, attractive and inviting. An international jury of experts honoured it with the world-famous “Red Dot Design Award”. In addition, it was nominated for the “Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany”.


A precisely calibrated and finely tuned filter design between five high-quality loudspeakers and two structure-borne sound transducers, controlled by a digital signal processor (DSP), creates a perfect sound experience in the acoustic near field of the listener. Supported by our VirtualBass technology, you experience the sound of a live concert without disturbing the environment. We call the interaction of all these acoustic components audio cocooning.


Turntables, computers, flat screens, VR glasses or other audio and video players can be connected via audio cable (Cinch) or wirelessly via Bluetooth or Syncronice.

With an integrated tablet or touchscreen computer, the sonic chair becomes a multimedia all-rounder, perfect for presentations at trade fairs and events, for working and learning in libraries and modern working environments or simply for relaxing and enjoying in lobbies, lounges and waiting areas or at home.


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Flender, Director of the Institute for Cultural Innovation Research at the Hamburg University of Music und Theatre, describes the sonic chair as follows:

„The sound experience in this newly developed sonic chair is pure listening, not only with your ears, but, with your whole body. You make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and prick up your ears. The finest hint of sound from an almost mutely bowed violin string in a Lachenmann String Quartett can be just as clearly heard as the highly facetted sound spectrum of a twelve-tone orchestral cluster by Ligeti.



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