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Shores Global – Cruise Furniture Suppliers / Bespoke Cruise Furniture

Cruise Furniture Supplier / Bespoke Cruise Furniture

Shores Global – Cruise Furniture Suppliers / Bespoke Cruise Furniture

More than a decade Shores have had the privilege of supplying the worlds leading cruise lines with Bespoke Cruise Furniture. Working in a world where quality, durability and style are premium values and where reliability is crucial, has produced invaluable knowledge. Our experience is at your service. We are the top Cruise Furniture Suppliers.

Cruise Furniture Suppliers – High Quality Bespoke Furniture

Shores unique Nordic design and quality is known worldwide in the cruise industry. Shores is the go to Cruise Furniture Suppliers for most of the cruise brands worldwide for outdoor and indoor Bespoke cruise furniture & cushions. Our Nordic origins and values are highly appreciated.

Above all, what we do is help set the scene for experiences. Our cruise clients operate the most luxurious ships on the oceans – their customers expect nothing but the best in every aspect. This includes stylish and beautiful surroundings.

Our internationally acclaimed designers are more than capable of satisfying the selective design palate. Our resources allow us to become a reliable Cruise Furniture Supplier.

Cruise Furniture Suppliers – On time delivery

Deadlines are always important, but nowhere more so than in the cruise industry. Arrival at the port of call even a few hours late can mean the ship has sailed on – presenting facility management with all sorts of problems. Missing a delivery deadline is not an option.

Unique worldwide on site service

Shores has outfitted more than 200 cruise ships in 30+ countries. We have had the pleasure of becoming the preferred Cruise Furniture supplier to some of the world’s most prestigious cruise companies – a reputation we work every day to live up to, and surpass.

Biggest inventory of IMO materials

Shores fulfills the international IMO regulations. We closely cooperate with DNV & MARED to make sure that all our products always fulfill the current IMO regulations.



Susan Sadolin – CEO – Shores Global

Expert in Cruise Furniture Supplies / Bespoke Furniture

Shores Global began in Denmark, but now also has offices in the UAE, Asia and the USA, making possible continuous communication along with seamless quality and service to nearly every port in the world. Our packages include complete design, delivery, installation, and maintenance.

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