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Serene House USA – Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers

Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers

Serene House USA – Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers

Aroma Diffuser, Wax Warmer, Reed Diffuser, Essential Oil, Aromatherapy, Wellness. SERENE HOUSE fulfills the growing demand for fresh and healthy air to counterbalance the stress and pollution of fast-paced urban environments. SERENE HOUSE is dedicated to developing personal air care products and fragrances that help improve your sense of well-being through scent, sound and visual aesthetics. We are a number 1 Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers.

SERENE HOUSE manufactures all our diffuser and wax melt products from our two wholly owned factories in China. When choosing SERENE HOUSE for your Home Fragrance needs, you are working directly with the manufacture.

Serene House Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers

Serene House’s beautifully designed electric aromatherapy diffusers offer a new and sophisticated way to fill your space with the scents you love. Most of our Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser feature optional continuous or intermittent run time modes, as well as 60-, 90- and 120-minute timer modes. 7 soft LED lights (warm white, green, blue, red, yellow, purple, white) rotate or can be fixed on once color add ambiance to any room. Simply add water and your favorite essential oil, then turn it on.

Serene House No Spill Wax Warmer and Serene Pods

The most convenient and safest wax melt warmer. Convenient and safe, with no open flame, Serene House’s tabletop and wall-plug wax warmers allows you to change your scent in seconds. The built in LED lights can be used for ambiance or as a night light. All our Wax Warmers use heat plate technology so there are no incandescent bulbs. Featuring No Spill Pods. Easy to use: install and change scents in seconds. Fragrance will release into the air as wax pod heats. Patented Serene Pod® woven membrane prevents wax spillage. We aim to be a top and reliable Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers.

Serene House Pre-Scented Reed Diffuser

New Pre- Scented Reeds and Reed Diffuser Products Gift Sets from SERENE HOUSE scent your surroundings and save you from potential spillage and the hassle of adding additional fragrance oil. With 3 Pre-Scented Reed Collections (Classic Fragrance, Fragrance and Essential Oil Blend, and Essential Oil) you are sure to find the perfect scent for you. The Reed Diffuser Gift Set include 6 Inspire scented pre-scented reeds and a concrete vessel. The concrete open-air vessels are available in 3 geometric designs that add a modern touch to any room.

Serene House Car Scent Diffusers

Travel with your favorite scents. Serene House has a wide variety of convenient car scent diffuser products, making them ideal for aromatherapy on the go. Add 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil to each side of the ceramic tablet for the Knight (12V or USB powered) and Duke Car (12V powered) Scent Diffusers. The heat accelerated diffusion of the essential oil makes your car feel like an oasis.  The Cannon Car Scent Vent Clips are easy to use and available in White, Black, Silver, and Rose Gold. Includes 3 pre-scented reeds (Last up to 30 days) in Eucalyptus, Refresh, and Focus.

Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers – Serene House 100 % Natural Pure Essential Oil

Serene House’s 100% Natural Essential Oil Collection features 13 scents made in the USA. Each of our oils are designed to enhance and maintain your sense of psychological and physical well-being. We offer a large range as a top Cruise Ship Diffuser Suppliers. Available Fragrances: Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Lavender and our signature Relax, Refresh, Inspire, and Comfort blends. The SERENE HOUSE 100% Natural and Pure Essential Oil Collection is produced using plant-friendly harvesting methods and are free of synthetics, parabens and GMOs. No animal testing. Tamper Seal, Childproof Caps.

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