Hydrocarbon Absorbents

PEAT SORB – Hydrocarbon Absorbent

hydrocarbon absorbent

Hydrocarbon Absorbent

PEAT SORB is the world’s original “Green” Hydrocarbon Absorbent. A product of Canada, home of the largest natural and renewable resource of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss in the world. Through a proprietary process, PEAT SORB transforms from Horticultural Peat, repelling water and on a cellular level now has a voracious appetite for absorbing Hydrocarbons, locking them into its’ cellular structure. Once locked in, the natural Humic Acid properties of PEAT SORB, begin the biodegradation process to neutralize the chemical and render the environment harmless. PEAT SORB also becomes a food source for naturally present indigenous microbes present at the spill scene, to also accelerate the toxic contaminants breakdown to below regulatory limits and non-detect readings. Absolutely remarkable! Safe for all environments, people, animals, birds, marine life, plants, soil and water. RETHINK THE SPILL WITH PEAT SORB.



hydrocarbon absorbent
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