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Marpo Fitness – Rope Training Suppliers

Rope Training Suppliers

Marpo Fitness – Rope Training Suppliers

The world’s authority on Rope Training Suppliers and tire training.

Established in 2006 by competitive judo athlete Marius Popescu, Marpo Fitness drives innovation as the world’s most elite brand of Rope and Tire Trainers. Enhancing performance in all aspects of fitness. We aim to be a top supplier in Rope Training Suppliers.

Marpo Fitness VMX Rope Trainer

The VMX Rope Trainer features multi-mode adjustment for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reverse pull. The easy-to adjust sliding carriage allows for increased versatility for strength, cardio and functional training. The ability to alternate rope heights, grips and pull directions makes the VMX Rope Trainer the ultimate functional training tool. Using Rope Training Suppliers is a new, and highly effective way of training to your best.

Marpo Fitness VLT Rope Trainer

The VLT Rope Trainer is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use model that accommodates facilities with ceiling height limitations while delivering the same intense exercise experience provided by larger models. Features quick-release seat to allow for lower body, standing exercises and wheelchair accessibility. The VLT Rope Trainer allows for strength and cardio conditioning, rehabilitative exercise and provides a safe, accessible and more versatile rope climbing alternative for sports training programs.

Marpo Three60 Circuit Rope Trainer

Experience Dynamic Resistance Rope Training with the Marpo VMX THREE60 Rope Trainer. This multi-user, multi-mode, multi-functional training system allows for competitive team challenges, multi-user training sessions, full body strength, power and/or endurance workouts. Rope Training Equipment really enhances your ability to get your very best workout.

Marpo Fitness X8 Compact Rope Training Suppliers

The X8 Rope Trainer is a dynamic resistance rope training device designed to be mounted to concrete walls or CrossFit rigs and racks. Because it is mountable, the X8 rope training machine remains up and out of the way of other equipment while not in use. The X8 rope machine is superior to old school climbing ropes, i.e. manila climbing ropes, in that it only requires a ceiling height of about 8’ and the magnetic resistance load ranges from between 2-165 lbs. making rope exercise manageable for all ages and fitness levels. Optional auxiliary pulleys allow the user to quickly change between vertical, diagonal and horizontal pulling and pushing. The Marpo X8 excels in fire departments, schools, military training facilities and commercial gyms.

Marpo Fitness Tire Trainer

This innovative new equipment offers a wide variety of exercises that target the user’s entire body. It’s not just a tire flip it has resistance settings from 45 to 300+lbs The Marpo Functional Tire Trainer will allow you to devise a desired workout program for a general cardio, athletic training, strength training, power training and endurance/circuit training and is the safest tire workout on the market. We want to be the number 1 provider in Rope Training Suppliers.


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