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IXXI Concepts – Cruise Ship Wall Decoration

cruise ship wall decoration

IXXI Concepts – Cruise Ship Wall Decoration

Cruise Ship Wall Decoration – custom design and extraordinary wall art

Dutch design wall decoration. IXXI was founded 2010 by 3 Dutch designers. The brand is 100% fueled by creativity. Not originated from a numeric business model, but from a strong wish to make design accessible for everyone. This is the foundation of what nowadays is perceived as an inspiring brand that empowers any business to create its personalized, extraordinary and outspoken, high quality, Cruise ship wall decoration.

Cruise ship wall decoration in any shape, any size

The nominated and awarded IXXI design, based on a patented modular system of cards and connectors, enables you to be flexible and creative in shape and size. No worries about the available wall space; you can choose to go for a square, portrait or landscape shape piece of wall deco. Concerning the size; you can go as large as you would wish, there are literally no limitations.

The smart system enables us to ship all over the world, using just a small square box, containing the cards and tools to connect and put your cruise ship wall decoration on the walls of cruise ship cabins, lobbies, restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, health spas or any other interiors.

Winner European Design Award 2018

Winner German Design Award 2019

Nomination Dutch Design Awards 2010

Premium partnerships

IXXI offers a unique collection of images. Besides collaborating with young talented designers, we have also partnered with multiple alluring brands, photo agencies and renowned museums all over the world. We love to translate their master pieces into interior statements, highlight the forgotten ones and connect styles.

Our system translates classical paintings into cruise ship wall decoration. We are open for new creative ideas and always looking for new options to grow our partner community.

IXXI wants to inspire with a diversity of beautiful and outspoken designs, empowering you to create the interior that you wish for.

Custom design – options for personalisation

The IXXI system offers ideal solutions for personalisation, in any shape and any size. Does the IXXI image bank not offer you the style you wish for? Or are you looking for cruise ship wall decoration in your personal and unique cruise ship/house style? IXXI offers you the solution to create your own personalised wall art. We customise our product with the images that you supply to us! A piece of a local painter or illustrator or pictures of the region? IXXI can customise any wall decoration that creates just that perfect ambiance you wish for.

Sustainability and Quality

IXXI consists for 95% of a durable synthetic paper called Synaps (produced by Agfa, Belgium). It combines the physical qualities of a polyester film with the printability and “look and feel” of luxury paper. Synaps is resistant to water, UV-light and tearing. Besides that, it is free from toxins and 100% recyclable. Made to last, ensuring years of pleasure and reusability.

No Waste! Our cruise ship wall decorations are made to order and are both printed and assembled in The Netherlands according to all relevant standards. All remainders from production are recycled eco-friendly to avoid unnecessary spoilage of materials and the environment.

When it comes to IXXI’s employees, partners, suppliers and charities, we offer support where needed, embrace collaborations and celebrate success. That’s how we are making the world more beautiful for ourselves and others.




cruise ship wall decoration
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