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INSO GROUP – Innovative Cruise Ship Flooring / Cruise Ship Interior Solutions

Innovative Cruise Ship Flooring / Cruise Ship Interior Solutions

Innovative Cruise Ship Flooring / Cruise Ship Interior Solutions – INSO GROUP

INSO specialises in delivering innovative cruise ship flooring and cruise ship interior solutions.

All of our innovative cruise ship flooring and interior solutions significantly reduce life cycle and future costs, whilst increasing the appearance and enhancing the passenger experience. Our products are carefully selected and we only partner with like-minded, forward thinking brands who are aligned to our vision.

Our marine portfolio includes:

  • IMO certified marine flooring
  • Bespoke printed flooring
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Interior architectural film

Working closely with our customers, we listen to their current and future needs, to be able to offer interior surface design solutions that signal a truly passenger-focused experience. We work across all functions of the project chain, from initial design to OEM build, offering design and technical expertise at every stage.

At INSO, we are driven to deliver inspiring interior solutions to continually meet the needs of customers and passengers. Our cruise ship flooring is a truly unique product that is being supplied for numerous marine floor applications.

INSO Innovative Cruise Ship Flooring

At INSO we provide the ultimate innovative cruise ship flooring by using PURLINE SEA.

Produced from 90% natural materials, it features the latest advancement in organic cruise ship flooring technology and has won numerous environmental awards for combining a revolutionary sustainable vision with high performance and versatility. Based on plant extracts rather than petrochemicals, it is completely odour neutral, emission free, fully recyclable and easy to dispose of.

PURLINE SEA is IMO certified cruise ship flooring that offers exceptional protection in a highly regulated sector. The unique technology gives a durable elastic marine floor covering which is resistant to scuffing, and naturally repels dirt and soiling to maintain its appearance.

Designed for use throughout all types of ships and offshore facilities, it can be used in multiple application areas, including high foot traffic corridors, cabins, high-end dining areas and on-board retail outlets.

Available in a wide range of designs from plain, chipped, wood, stone and concrete effect, PURLINE SEA is available in both sheet, tile and plank format to suit your design, installation and maintenance needs.

INSO cruise ship wheelmarked floor coverings are used in the finest cruise ships across the globe, including Celebrity, Costa, Norwegian, P&O, Royal Caribbean and Tui Cruises.

INSO Cruise Ship Interior Film

INSO is an authorised distributor partner of LG cruise ship interior film, which is fully IMO approved for the marine market and ideal for refurbishment as well as new fit outs.

Innovatively designed for both flat lamination and profile wrapping, the incorporated self-adhesive technology eliminates air bubbles, making it easy to apply on flat and irregular surfaces, which saves time and money. LG cruise ship interior film provides an interior design solution and can be applied to virtually any substrate, so interior areas such as walls, doors, bulkheads and furniture can be decorated with ease.

LG cruise ship interior film features excellent properties, such as impact, abrasion and scratch resistance, thermal stability over a range of climates, both heavy metal and phthalate plasticiser free making it environmentally friendly. All of which means it is one of the best quality interior films on the market and commercially attractive too.

The interior film also has multiple design options ranging from leather to marble to abstract, and solid colours ranging from gloss to metallic, as well as stunning wood effects across a full range of wood grains.

Some of the biggest names in the marine industry such as Disney, Norwegian, P&O, Saga, Star and Tui Cruises use LG interior film throughout their vessels.

INSO Printed Cruise Ship Flooring

In this age of customisation, there is a need to provide printed cruise ship flooring in unique designs to enhance the customer experience. At INSO we have the answer with our range of printed cruise ship floor coverings.

  • PURLINE SEA is an organic IMO certified marine flooring, which is available in a digitally printed design, allowing you to display safety messages or brand promotion.
  • INSO Printed Cruise Ship Flooring is used for those smaller, niche areas on a vessel where full IMO compliance is not a necessity, and comes in a range of options.

So if you are looking to achieve a unique design, promote your brand, highlight designated areas and way finding, produce bespoke imagery or provide safety messages, it is all possible with INSO Printed Flooring.

The image of your choice is digitally printed and encased into the cruise ship flooring, giving a durable finish that is highly resistant to foot traffic.

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