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Hibox Systems – Interactive Information and Entertainment Systems for Cruise Ships

Hibox Systems is a Finnish company which offers advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for the hospitality industry. Using IPTV-technology Hibox Systems can transform a television set into a modern information and entertainment centre that enhances the TV experience for the cruise ship guests.

Integratable cruise ship TV

Nowadays cruise ships commit more and more resources to small details in order to keep the customers satisfied, but at the same time the TV system and other IT services have, in many cases, been forgotten.

Hibox Systems has therefore developed a highly sophisticated TV system, which enhances the cruise ship experience for the cruise ship guests and opens up new business opportunities for both smaller and larger cruise ships. The system is fully integratable with various reservation and payment systems.

Customisable cruise ship TV system

Hibox Cruise Ship TV is a complete system, which is customised depending on the needs of the customer. The cruise ship personnel can themselves, using an easy administration interface, update the TV-system interface in the rooms.

Hibox offers second line technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, which means that the cruise shipier will also receive support in the evenings and during weekends, when the system is most actively used. Hibox Cruise Ship TV is not only a static information system but a central tool for the customer service.

Interactive TV system for cruise ships

Key features of Hibox Cruise Ship TV include:

  • TV channels – IPTV, DVB-T, DVB-C or DVB-S
  • Localised information services and advertisements – e.g. info channels, cruise ship information, weather forecasts, local information
  • Video-on-demand – the cruise ship guests have the possibility to order and pay for movies through the TV
  • Electronic programme guide – instant TV programme information
  • Internet access – using the television set or a laptop
  • Two-way communication – the cruise ship guests can communicate with the cruise ship reception using the television set
  • Reservation services – the TV system is integrated with the PMS system
  • Express check-out – the customers can pay the cruise ship bill in the room
  • Feedback forms and polls – get feedback directly from the customers
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