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Dover Design – Cruise Ship Restaurant Design

Cruise Ship Restaurant Design

Dover Design – Cruise Ship Restaurant Design

Successful Cruise Ship Restaurant Design of QSR Cafes Pubs and Bars on High Street, Malls, Airports, Stations and more, Nationally and International.

Commercial Cruise Ship Restaurant designers with deep experience in providing sound advice and Brand development for successful Restaurants QSR Cafes Pubs and Bars.

Now seeking to share our skills with the Cruise Ship community, we are experienced in Concepts and visualization, Surveys, Landlord packs, Building Control and Planning Applications, Licensing drawings, Tender drawings packs and Project Management. We are looking to expand and make sure we supply our clients with the very best Cruise Ship Restaurant Design.

Our approach

DOVER DESIGN is dedicated to providing effective, creative design in this competitive marketplace; we aim to keep our clients’ costs down while maximising their profits through improved footfall, efficient use of space, customer experience and repeat business. We are dedicated to getting to be a number 1 Cruise Ship Restaurant Designer.

Why we do it – Cruise Ship Restaurant Design

Founded in 1995, we are London based design agency with a broad range of experience in building and developing brands predominantly in the restaurant sector.

Every project receives the personal attention of a design director working with a team of experienced Cruise Ship Restaurant Designers and technicians.

​At Dover Design we love what we do! Every day is a new challenge, because no two jobs are the same, and that means we approach every project with fresh eyes, and the enthusiasm shared with our clients.

How we do it

Discover, Position and Direction.

We collectively help evolve and re think success by first defining where your industry is headed.

We immerse ourselves in the lives of your brand’s target customers, uncovering their motivations and needs. This is where our creative process starts. We allow the creative process to discover what tools we will use to get us to our goals. We’ll analyse your market your audience and your business and get to the bottom of your motivations so we can shape strategies with the power to radically shift behaviour.

Our Solutions:

  1. Brand Audit
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Brand and Identity Planning
  5. Customer Journey

How we approach your brief:

Understand your vision, what’s your difference, your USP?
Research your market, your customers, what do they want?

Look at the following:

  1. Visibility –can your customers find you
  2. Your offer and price – is it clear
  3. Appeal – why will they try you
  4. First impressions – they must feel they have made the right decision
  5. Hospitality – give your people the right environment to do their thing
  6. Theatre – give them something to look at, to add value
  7. Experience – this is what they came for
  8. Brand affinity – everything must fit together to create the whole offer
  9. Emotional bond – to get them to come back again and again

What you get: you decide how much you need from us – We deliver all our services in stages so that you can exactly what you want us to do:

Stage 1
Design workshop to develop your brief
Establish a budget – we can help you work this out
Feasibility of the site for your needs – does it fit?
Front of house, back of house and kitchen layouts

Check the shell and core provision by the landlord – is it right?
Assist in negotiating the best deal

Stage 2
Sketch scheme – the look and feel of the offer, using mood boards, samples of materials, examples of lighting and furniture.

Consents – what you need to realize your project:
Preliminary enquiries to, Building Control, Town Planning,
Drawing for your lawyer to use in acquiring the Premises Licence

Liaison with other consultants – Mechanical and Electrical services, structural engineers , Quantity Surveyor, CDM and specialist advisers

Stage 3:
Drawings for Tender , or negotiated contract sum
Selection of reliable and competitive Contractors and suppliers

Project Management – pre-start meeting, chairing and recording regular site meetings during the construction period; monitoring progress of consents, checking the job at hand-over and compiling defects list and monitoring its completion. Approving valuations and certifying payments .
Checking the works at the end of the Defects Liability Period (guarantee)
working with a team of experienced designers and technicians.

We thrive on working out creative solutions and developing the concept with the client. Creating the design and building the interior that delivers the brief, is what we do best. We hold the vision of the finished product throughout while respecting, integrating and coordinating all the other disciplines and services that make up the project.

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