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Alloy Bearings – Cruise Ship Bearings Manufacturer

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Alloy Bearings – Cruise Ship Bearings Manufacturer

Alloy Bearings are a cruise ship bearings manufacturer. As well as this they remetal and supply white-metal plain bearings for a variety of vessels.

The company produces a whole host of bearings from stern tube to crosshead. They also manufacture bearings for large engines and turbines. Also, as said – they are renowned for their cruise ship bearing manufacturing as well.

Alloy Bearings is experienced in remetalling bronze, cast iron and steel bearings. These can be oil or grease-lubricated bearings using a white metal (Babbitt) lining of many compositions which is appropriate to the application required.

Cruise Ship Bearings Manufacturer

Alloy Bearings distributes Royal Purple industrial lubricants in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Popular lubricants for the marine sector include marine hydraulic oil. This meets the US Fish & Wildlife Department’s and EPA’s toxicity test requirements for marine life. Also, Wire rope lubricant, which is valued by ship and port operators for its exceptional penetration and anti-corrosion properties.

Worldwide distribution of cruise ship bearings

Our team has the ability to look after your freight requirements worldwide, and are particularly experienced with trans-Tasman freight.

Operating under our own ABN allows us to take care of all imports and exports to and from Australia, including any goods and services taxes (GST), and customs requirements.

Cruise Ship Bearings Manufacturer – Marine engine and generator overhauls

Associated business AB Industries carries out engine and generator rebuilds for the marine sector. They also supply new and used engines, generators and related components.

Past projects include reconditioning large marine engine components. The overhaul and commissioning of Caterpillar marine engines, including the D399 V16, 3516 V16, and 3400 series. We have also provided these services for auxiliary generators, refrigeration compressors, overhauling fire pumps, and ancillary equipment for naval vessels.

The company has supplied Scania DS11 and Scania DS14 marine engines to Sweden. Cummins KTA marine engines to Southeast Asia. Volvo marine engines to Peru, and Caterpillar engines to various countries.

ISO 9001: 2008 certified services

Alloy Bearings and AB Industries are dedicated to providing quality, high-performance and environmental excellence across all of our remanufacturing services.

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