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INSO Q and A

What inspired you to launch INSO?

INSO was launched in 2016, having seen a need within the transport sector to provide innovative solutions for interiors. The passion is always for bringing something new to the market that’s fit for purpose and compliant. Above all, we understand the challenges our clients face and so we look for design-led solutions offering benefits such as lower cost, easy installation, lightweight, minimal maintenance and sustainability.

What experience do you have?

INSO was launched after decades working on interiors in transport, including maritime, rail, aviation, bus and coach. The knowledge we have as a company is second to none, particularly concerning regulations and compliance, which is an area overlooked by many.

Our expertise lies in understanding customer needs and knowing how and where to find the right solution.

What makes you different?

Our core focus is to provide the best quality products and therefore we are highly selective with our choice of partnerships. We are passionate throughout every single level of the journey that vehicles are on and take great pride in investing time and energy to develop the best possible solutions. Our experience means we can bring best practice from other transport sectors and leverage that knowledge for the good of our customers.

Do you have a specific target market?

There are many influencers and decision-makers therefore INSO works with designers and specifiers, right through to builders and operators, as well as end users and sub-contractors.

We look after both the new build and refurbishment market.  Geographically, whilst based in the UK, INSO operates globally.

Are your solutions environmentally-friendly?

We pride ourselves on our green credentials. Our cruise ship products, for example, are made from 90% natural materials. Instead of being based upon petrol chemical oils, which you often find, INSO products are based on vegetable plants and polyurethane materials and have won numerous environmental awards. INSO products have been engineered to pass the IMO regulations specifically.

What are the key issues for the industry?

All transport sectors are highly regulated and products require certification. There is a minimum entry level for every product which we take into consideration when choosing our partners. Whilst regulations differ from maritime to rail, for example, I think it is important to place emphasis on the fact that our products are transferrable.

What advice can you offer?

We are often approached by people who wish to enter a specific sector, due to our reputation and industry expertise. We offer advice on a consultancy basis and can help explain what is required to enter a given sector and how to do this.  We also advise on regulatory and compliance issues. At INSO we believe collaboration is key and our main aim is always to find the right solution for our customers.

What does the future for INSO look like?

Our ultimate vision is to become a manufacturer and the supplier of choice for unique products that provide solutions to problems not yet solved. We continue to invest in research and development. We will also continue to work with select partners offering high quality and competitively priced products and solutions. Our plans for international expansion are exciting with multiple global projects underway. Through innovation and partnership, our aim has always been to offer solutions, not products. We really do believe in sending out a message that we are able to solve any problems customers may have.

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